Teresa Liliom is a Holistic Therapist since 1999, who has traveled North America studying closely with experts in the health and wellness industry.  As a result of her extensive training, years of dedication, and highly developed intuitive skills, she is able to help her clients achieve their desired physical, emotional mental, and spirituals goals, using Reflexology, Energy Medicine, Sound Therapy, and Coaching.

With a gift for teaching and empowering others, Teresa offers private coaching sessions, has developed three Self-development workshops, and is also the creator of  Wellness Circles; a private 3-hour event filled with Special Meditations, group blessings, and interactive activities.

Mindful that continuing education is useful in this ever-growing health industry, Teresa keeps her skills current and also practices daily yoga, mindfulness, and conscious communication.

​A Hoffman graduate of 20 years, Teresa facilitates, monthly group support for all Hoffman Process Graduates through the “Continuing your journey program.

Teresa’s personal story – I used to search for clarity, answers and comfort outside myself.  With hard work, courage and determination, I delved deep within myself and started doing my personal growth work. Now, 30 years later, whenever I need clarity, direction and comfort, I no longer look outside myself.  My inner guidance system is strong. I am connected to my most authentic self and I wish to help others find the same!

Whether you seek coaching, want to enroll in an empowering workshop, try a wellness circle,  or come in for a holistic Therapy session, I look forward to working with those who are drawn to the work I so dearly love and am here to “Support You through Your Healing Journey”.

Teresa Liliom, CRCT     
Registered Reflexologist
​Energy medicine practitioner
​Certified Sound Therapist  
​Facilitator and Coach

226 235-5665