Feeling stuck? Unhappy?  In a relationship that is not working for you? Gain clarity and strengthen your internal guidance system in just one session. I use a cognitive awareness and body-mind centered approach to life that promotes healing and growth on all levels. It’s effective with immediate results. 60 min, $70 Available in person, by phone or SKYPE

Here is what people are saying: This work changed the color of my sky from grey to blue. Just 3 sessions were equivalent to 3 years of therapy.  Tracy, Nurse

Teresa’s personal story – I used to search for clarity, answers, and comfort outside myself.  With hard work, courage, and determination, I delved deep within myself and started doing my personal growth work. Now, 30 years later, whenever I need clarity, direction, and comfort, I no longer look outside myself.  My inner guidance system is strong. I am connected to my most authentic self and I wish to help others find the same!

I am here to “Support You through Your Healing Journey”.