Foot Reflexology. Start with a warm foot compress and experience deep relaxation and improved circulation as reflex points are accessed and balanced. Excellent for stress reduction, improved circulation, plantar fasciitis, and foot pain. 60 min, $70 

Hand Reflexology. Balances the body as well as provides the arms, hands, and wrists relief from technology stress/overuse.  Excellent for Carpal Tunnel syndrome. 60 min, $70

Ear, Hand and Foot Reflexology: It’s a total body tune up! 60 min, $70

Signature session: From the top of your head to the tips of your toes, this meditative, balancing and soothing session combines reflexology, energy work and sound therapy to open acupressure, meridian and chakra points. Excellent for stress reduction and balancing all body systems. 60 min, $70.

What is Reflexology? Accessing and applying pressure to the reflexes on the feet, hands, and or ears to help release deep stress stored in the body, promote circulation, and balance all body systems.

Teresa Liliom, RCRT,  is a registered Foot, Hand, and ear Reflexologist (Examiner) with extensive training and over 20 years of experience, helps her clients achieve their desired health goals through Reflexology.