Below services are also available on SKYP.

Soul frequency. We all have a Soul Frequency and the more we connect with it, the more stable it becomes, and the better equipped we are to handle conflict, life, and life challenges. In this session, we will assess your energetic field, find your Soul frequency, and then listen to special music in the key of your “Soul Frequency” bringing you to a place of deep inner peace and harmony.  60 min- $80 (Includes a CD).  

Sacred Sounds: Experience a combination of ancient and newly emerging sound healing techniques where special Sound therapy Music, Crystal, and Tibetan bowls, tuning forks, and various other instruments and the Voice are used for balancing energy.  60 min, $70.                                        

Tuning Fork Therapy: Perfectly calibrated tuning forks are used on the body to open up acupressure, meridian, and chakra points.  60 min, $70.      

Sound Therapy is the therapeutic application of sound frequencies in music, instruments, and or the voice to bring the body, mind, and spirit back to a healthy state of balance. Benefits; balance both hemispheres of the brain which allows for a more optimistic outlook on life, releases stress and stress hormones, energizing, improves sleep, eases grief, deepens our spiritual connection, and supports all major life transitions.

​Teresa Liliom is a certified Sound Therapist who graduated from the Sound and consciousness research school in San Francisco in 2010 and also the Sound healing school in Calgary in 2007.