Coaching. 3 sessions were equivalent to 3 years of therapy! The color of my sky changed from grey to blue. Thank you so much! Tracy, Teacher

Journey through the chakras workshop. What an AMAZING experience! I tried new things that showed me glimpses of my true self. I understand myself more. Thank you Teresa for providing a safe and loving place to grow. Sarah, travel

Sound Therapy. I had the fantastic opportunity to be among the first people in London to experience Soul frequency therapy.  I didn’t really know what to expect.  I trusted Teresa’s abilities and allowed what-ever I was supposed to happen to happen.  I loved both the experience of the assessment and the CD in my own personal frequency, which I got to take home. I listen to it daily.  Sometimes as a break in the day, or as I’m going to sleep.  The calmness (and unlimited possibilities) this creates in my body/mind is amazing and since the frequency is what my soul vibrates at – it feels divine!  I would recommend this to anyone desiring that type of feeling or connection. Beth Sutherland, Empowerment coach

Reflexology. What a wonderful experience! I always feel safe and cared for in your loving hands. Caroll Halford

Energy work. I always walk away feeling like a weight has been lifted, thank you, Teresa, for caring so much! I felt calm for the first time in weeks, it was wonderful.  I highly recommend your services. Lynn, RN