Tuning Fork Certification course:  Learn 13 state of the art tuning fork techniques that open up acupressure, meridian, and chakra points! Give and receive two specialized tuning fork treatments! Add this to your practice to enhance your business, client’s, and or family member’s life. We will be practicing with tuning forks tuned to sacred geometry. We will be using the Perfect 5th, C- 256 Hz + G – 384 Hz tuning forks which is the universal sound and is used for all conditions. $400, includes 14 hours of instruction, and notes.

Inner quest Workshop: A sacred inner journey of healing and Self- exploration using the Chakra model for growth and transformation. Access inner wisdom as we delve deep and explore, balance, and strengthen each energy center working through long-standing issues and life lessons. Experience chakra specific techniques, creative expression, and movement! Walk away with clarity, tools, and resources needed to champion your own life.
7-week online Series – $180
private class $380 (In-person or SKYPE)
Weekend Intensive – $260 (Available all across Canada, please inquire)